Having a Bad Day? These are my 10 Tips that will help you get in a better mood Right Now!

Are you feeling down? May be you are feeling a little sick. It's ok, we all being there. Here are my tricks to help myself get in a better mood when I'm feeling a little down and I know they will help you too!
1-Take a Hot Shower
First of all get out of bed. Up! Up! Up! Take a shower, put the hot water on (not to burn yourself) How about filling up your bath tube and add some bubbles on it? Sounds good, right? Rest there for a few minutes and take a deep breath (you deserve a little me time, don't be so hard on yourself). Some people say that if you add aromatics salts too your bath tube it will help you recharge energies and is also good for helping you in your breathing. 
2-Start Talking Positive to Yourself 
While you rest in the hot tube or while you take a shower, start talking positive stuff loudly to yourself. It is proven scientifically that when you talk positive to yourself brain neurons start sending positive messages to all of the cells in your body. Say to yourself stuff like; "I am feeling better", "I am a happy person", " I am confident", I believe in my self", "I am a pretty attractive person". You will see how much better you will feel about yourself after doing this exercise.

3- Shave your legs

I Know! I Know! It is winter, it's freezing and probably you are not going to show your legs to absolutely anyone, but when you do that, you'll feel more prettier about yourself. You can put a soft body lotion with a nice smell all over your skin, doing that will give you the impression that you are a heavenly goddess. 

4- Smile!
Now that you are out of the shower, start smiling to yourself.  Yes! Smile! Smile! Show yourself your biggest smile! Smiling is a good way for you to register that you are feeling a little better. It also shows to the world that you are happy, no matter what! Think about that good joke that your coworker told you. Watch online funny videos or simply watch cats and dogs videos they are very cute and they'll give you a nice feeling. 
5- Dress to impress
It doesn't matter if you are going to stay at home, or going to the groceries store always try to look your best. Remember, what you wear says a lot about you.  Don't rush yourself to the shopping mall! I know! A little shopping never hurt nobody, but I prefer to check out something in my closet first, so I can save some money for a nice dinner later. Pick an outfit choice that will make you remember how gorgeous you are in your best days. 
6- Eat healthy
It is proven scientifically that when people eat regularly junk food, they start to feel sick. Remember that you are what you eat! I am not saying that everyone has to turn into vegan now, but adding some fruits, greens and tea to your daily diet, will help you clean your body from bad toxins that are not allowing you take situations the best way possible. A clean mind will help you get through rough situations in a better way. 
7- Eat Breakfast.
Grandmother's always said, "eat breakfast, so you will feel stronger later!" It is true! Breakfast is the best gasoline to our engine! When I don't eat breakfast I feel more slower and I feel that I can't organize my thoughts. Cook an oatmeal, make yourself a good coffee, a toast or if you are in a morning rush, buy a granola mix, they are a true source of energy.
8- A Good Coffee is always a good idea
I am a Coffee Lover and that's no secret. It makes me feel happier about everything. Every time I drink my first coffee in the morning my mood changes instantly, is like drinking the "chill pill". If you don't like coffee, try tea, a Chi tea latte will be a good choice! Cheers to Coffee!
9- Walk Straight 
Maintaining good posture at all times will help your mind and body. When you practice correct posture, your body is in alignment with itself. This can alleviate common problems such as back or neck pain, headaches, and fatigue. Being in good general health and standing tall will also boost your bearing and self-confidence. So let your inner Super Top Model Out, let's walk the catwalk.
10- Pray
Yes! Pray! It doesn't matter in what you believe. Make a daily routine to talk to God. In the morning, maybe at lunch or at night, but remember at night you will probably be too tired and you will not be in your very best mood to talk to God. Remember not to ask for anything just give thanks. Thank you Lord, because I'm healthy, thank you Lord because I can see, thank you Lord because I can walk! Take away this sadness, thank you for everything that I am and everything I will be. Start giving thanks stop complaining and focus on the beautiful things in life. We are so blessed that sometime we take that for granted. Take a good look around you and you will see that there's a lot of stuff to be grateful for. 

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